Forest and Nature Conservation

Wageningen University

Forest and Nature Conservation

The Master Forest and Nature Conservation focuses on policy, sustainable management and conservation of forest and nature, i.e. understanding and predicting the effect of phenomena such as deforestation, biodiversity loss, ecotourism, timber production and animal reintroduction. Insights into all aspects of forest and nature conservation are required to address these issues. The study programme represents an integrated approach to natural resource management that can be applied at different scales, to diverse ecosystems and in varying political and social contexts. An outstanding research environment and three comprehensive specialisations contribute to making the programme challenging for undergraduates from both the natural and social sciences.

Courses, thesis and internship

The course work consists of several compulsory core subjects (CS), restricted optional subjects (RO) and optional subjects. As an optional subject you can choose any relevant MSc subject offered at Wageningen University or another academic institution. You can adjust your individual programme to your interests, wishes and needs. In consultation with your study adviser, your programme can be truly tailor-made.

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Academic year

The Academic year in the Netherlands begins on the first Monday of September. Wageningen University has six teaching periods per year. The first, the second and the fifth last eight weeks; the third and fourth last four weeks and the sixth lasts ten weeks. During an eight-week teaching period, students usually take two six-credit courses for six weeks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, followed by one week of independent study and one week for the scheduled interim examinations. During a four-week teaching period, students take a single six-credit course.


Within the programme Forest and Nature Conservation you can choose your own specialisation that meets your personal interests. For example:

  • Policy and Society
  • Management
  • Ecology

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