Development and Rural Innovation

Wageningen University

Development and Rural Innovation

The MSc Development and Rural Innovation is the international social sciences programme for students with a technical, life science or management background with an interest in international development and beta/ gamma integration. In Development and Rural Innovation, we develop professionals who are able to deal with knowledge processes in dynamic contexts.

Programme structure

Development and Rural Innovation is a unique, predominantly social science programme consisting of an amalgam of disciplinary and problem-oriented courses. The programme is taught in an interactive style where learning from each other is emphasised. The programme is highly thesis-oriented. The subject matter, methodology and design courses serve primarily as preparation for an empirical research project. This entails writing a research proposal, conducting the research and completing a Master thesis, thereby offering students the opportunity to apply their newly acquired insights in a concrete situation (usually in their home country) on a topic of their choice that is relevant to their professional interests and preferences.


The academic year at Wageningen University is divided into six periods. The total master programme contains 120 ECTS (2 years) and consists of:

  • The first year invites and submerges you into the social sciences and allows you to build up your theoretical framework for your thesis.
  • The second year allows you to illustrate you are capable of delivering a solid piece of scientific research through your thesis. The second year also challenges you to work within a real programme or project during your internship. It is also possible to develop your research competencies even further in a minor thesis instead of the internship, in consultation and agreement with your study advisor. Based on prior working experience and education, exemption for the internship may be possible.

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