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Do you want to learn about the complexity of biological systems ranging from single molecules to whole ecosystems? Or about subjects such as evolution, ecology, molecular evolution and biodiversity? The two-year Master of Science Biology programme at Wageningen University offers you tailor-made programmes fitting your personal interests. This will allow you to become a specialist in your chosen field. A choice out of nine specialisations will chart the course of your biology studies here. Biological issues are at the forefront of the technological advance of modern society and play a central rWURbiomaster1ole in global concerns about how people and the environment influence each other.

Study components
The master biology in Wageningen consists of 120 ECTS or credits, 60 per year.
These credits are divided over a compulsory part, a specialization, free choice, thesis and internship.

Compulsary part


Thesis and internship

  • MSc thesis is 36 ECTS and must be carried out within out specialization.
  • MSc internship is 24 ECTS and must also be in line with the specialization.

During both the thesis and internship it is possible to go abroad and expand your knowledge across the borders. It is also possible to do an extra MSc thesis instead of an internship, this must be approved by the exam committee.

Free choice

The free choice part can be filled to the student’s liking with an extra or extended thesis, extra courses in Wageningen or at other universities and courses from other MSc studies.


As mentioned before, Wageningen has nine different MSc biology specializations. They consist of two courses which provide the necessary knowledge to conduct a thesis within their field of research. The content of these courses and wether or not you can choose between different courses varies per specialization.

The specialisations are:

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In order to apply for the MSc Biology programme, applicants must complete the application form and submit it with all necessary documents. The Academic Committee of Admissions will review the application based on the applicant’s academic record (curriculum, Grade Point Average and final thesis report or research paper) and/or relevant work experience. The applicants will be informed of the Committee’s decision by letter.

Click here to see the form or to learn more about the admittion to Wageningen MSc biology:

If you are in the process of finishing your bachelor, the Academic Committee of Admissions will approve of you application if the applicant shows:

  • A transcript of his/her academic record
  • An overview of the relevant research he/she has conducted
  • An official letter from the home university stating that the student will have completed all the requirements of the BSc programme before 1 August of the year he/she wants to start.

You are admittable to the master programme biology in Wageningen if:

  • You have obtained a BSc degree (or equivalent) in a field of science relevant to the MSc Biology programme:
  • Unconditional admission with regard to content: With a BSc Biology degree from a Dutch University (the general requirements of Wageningen University should still be met).
  • Possible admission: With a BSc from Wageningen University or a bachelor from a Dutch HBO.
  • International students admission: depends on the previous education.

Possible admission means that an individual pre-master programme might be required (the pre-master programme is only for Dutch students). This pre-master programme is a period (usually 0.5 to 1 years) in which the student follows courses to increase his or her background knowledge up to the required level.

Since the master programme is in English, sufficient understanding and use of the English language is required.
Especially for international students.

Further information

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If you have specific question about the master, your application or other more difficult topics, contact the MSc study advisor Peter de Jong via He can answer all your questions.