The innovative U-TEAch course is offered in partnership with the Anna van Rijn College in Nieuwegein, which has a large and lively bilingual department. This allows a perfect combination of theory and practice. You follow classes in English one day a week at the university and one day at school at Anna van Rijn College: in this way you are taught and coached by a team of experienced teachers and teacher educators. This combination of work and study means that you have the opportunity to put into practice at school what you learn in class straight away. The rest of the week you teach your subject in English at Anna van Rijn College or at a Dutch international school.

Your second teaching practice period is spent abroad and full-time at school.

What will you learn at U-Teach?

  • You will develop your teaching through English skills
  • You will set up and carry out a scientific practical research geared to bilingual education
  • You will learn to acknowledge and appreciate the strengths of cultures
  • You will learn to initiate innovations in bilingual education
  • You will learn to reflect critically on what you are doing

Ervaring van een student

Ervaring van een student U-TEACH (in Dutch)