Toxicology and Environmental Health

Toxicology and Environmental Health (T&EH) is a 2-year master program that deals with the health risks of exposure to potentially harmful agents in the environment, in the workplace and through the food chain. The program is organized by the Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences (IRAS), an inter-faculty institute of Utrecht University.

Risks are a part of life. We perceive, ignore, experience and take risks every day. Most of us would prefer to live long and healthy lives, and so risks (especially unnecessary ones) are to be avoided, though not necessarily to the exclusion of all else. The MSc T&EH focuses on the assessment of environmental risks.

In this program you will acquire knowledge and practical skills in the recognition and evaluation of human and animal exposure to potentially hazardous factors in the environment, in the workplace and in the food chain. Possible effects on ecosystems are also examined. This knowledge will be gained through qualitative and quantitative analysis in both fundamental and applied research.

Depending on your choice of discipline and exit profile, you will either be prepared for further PhD studies in fundamental or applied research, or for a post at an academic level. The program also aims to serve as a basis for the post-academic recognition and registration of students as Toxicologist, or Epidemiologist.



The program does not contain specialization tracks but there are different profiles. Most students follow the Research profile, this is the common program. It is also possible to do a profile on Communication & Education (C&E) or Management (M). A profile is 33 ECTS and takes half a year.


Study components

The study consists of different parts that are depicted in the table. You are entirely free to plan these components yourself, except for the courses. The masters program starts with a 10-week compulsory core course in Toxicology, Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology and Exposure Assessment of 15 ECTS.

If you want to do a profile, this replaces the minor research project.


Study program



Minor research project (including presentation and report)


Theoretical courses



Elective component



Major research project (including presentation and report)



Master Thesis


7,5 ECTS



1,5 ECTS


Applicants must hold a BSc in one of the following fields: Biomedical Sciences, Biology, Environmental Sciences, Medicine/Veterinary Medicine, Chemistry or Pharmaceutical Sciences. Deficiencies in your previous education can be made up for during the Master’s program by taking courses in Toxicology and Epidemiology. Applicants with a BSc degree from outside Utrecht University will be assessed on an individual basis.

A good knowledge of English is required.


For this MSc program a partial scholarship is available through the IRAS foundation. More information and an application form can be found on .


For further questions, contact the program coordinator Mieke Lumens. (

For starting 1 September, the application deadline is April 1st. Dutch students can apply until 1 June but placing is not guaranteed then.

For starting 1 February, the admission deadline is  October 15th.


Further information

UU website – T&EH

UU Website – IRAS

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