Science Education & Communication

In the classroom… and beyond

As a graduate of the Science Education and Communication programme, your job perspectives may include science and mathematics teacher, educational researcher, staff member at a science museum or as a designer of teaching material. There is a strong need in society for such professionals who can bridge the gap between science and the public, both in formal education, and in informal settings.

Look at the details of this programme if you are:
– broadly interested in a variety of science topics
– enjoy working with and for other people
– feel an urge to understand the social significance of your field of expertise

The Master’s programme focuses on three core areas:

  • Science and mathematics
  • Professional practice in science and mathematics education and communication
  • R&D in science and mathematics education and communication

These components are being offered in a broad study programme, which can be tailored to your individual interests. In all variations of the programme, you will do a professional practice internship and a research project.

Ervaring van een student

Ervaring van een student Science Education and Communication (in Dutch)