Science and Business Management

Today, there is still a gap between science and business. This gap has to be bridged by people who understand both worlds. Industry needs people who are able to manage products and process development, while at the same time they understand the scientific principles of product design. The academic world needs people who have a sound basis in science, but also know how to apply interesting ideas to the business practice. Collaboration between universities and companies will only grow in the years to come.

We think an understanding of science is essential to the transfer of pure science to the market. In addition to a good science background, however, knowledge of business processes and skills are also needed to make this conversion.

The Master’s programme in Science and Business Management is aimed at graduates of Bachelor’s programmes in the life or natural sciences, who are also interested in business. It is a 2-year (120 ECTS) program in which the general idea is that you further elaborate your academic skills and scientific knowledge and that you acquire product and process developing skills.

The programme is designed to equip students with sufficient knowledge and skills, not only to undertake scientific research, but also to be able to translate a scientific idea into a successful product. Students will learn to identify and manage problems that arise in each phase of the innovation process.

These will involve aspects as financial management, business plan development, managerial ICT matters and environmental issues, but also communication skills for example. Apart from in-depth knowledge of the subject and its applications, managerial elements will be presented in working groups, with particular importance being attached to interaction between students and teachers.

The program does not contain specialization tracks. The first year of the program will be focused on science. The courses taken that year will be related to the chosen research project. The focus of the second year is on business. Half of that year is taken by a business project, which has to be science-related. So each student has his or her own individual focus in the program. 

Study components
The study consists of different parts that are depicted in the table. The first year is science-focused and in the discipline of your Bachelor’s degree. The second year is business-focused. The first 3 blocks are courses with subjects like economics, management, finance and entrepreneurship. The traineeship includes practical work and the writing of a report.


Applicants are eligible for admission to the degree in Science and Business Management when holding one the following degrees: a BSc degree in one of the natural sciences, or a BSc degree in one of the life sciences.
To succesfully conduct the Master’s programme Science and Business Management it’s important to have a strong interest in the applicability of science into business. A good knowledge of English is required.

For further questions, contact the program coordinator Anje de Graaf. (mail:

For starting 1 September, the application deadline is June 1st.
For starting 1 February, the admission deadline is  October 15th.
Dutch students may apply after the deadlines, but admission cannot be guaranteed then.

Further information

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