Epidemiology examines the distribution of health and morbidity in populations and their determinants.
Epidemiology is a scientific discipline which is increasingly in demand in clinical research (human, pharmaceutical or veterinary), industry and policymaking. With evidence-based  medicine setting new standards, specialists are needed in design, data collection, analysis and interpretation of epidemiological and health research. The study of Epidemiology is an attractive option for students with a background in Biomedical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, or an equivalent degree, who have an explicit interest in applied medical or biomedical research and human or veterinary population medicine.
The Master’s programme in Epidemiology is offered in 2 variants: a 2-year regular programme, which is aimed at students holding a BSc degree, and a shorter, post-graduate programme (1.5 years), which is aimed at applicants who have already completed a medical or biomedical degree, such as physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists and candidates holding a MSc in Life Sciences.
Students will acquire extensive knowledge and practical skills in epidemiologic research design and implementation, quantitative analysis and its application to human or veterinary medicine and public health. The knowledge and skills gained form a solid basis for health research and disease control programmes, including applications in developing countries.
The main components of the programmes are comprehensive theoretical education, a practical research project, structural and quantitative analysis of the literature, and the presentation of research in front of an audience. Both Epidemiology programmes offer five specialisations: Clinical Epidemiology, Veterinary Epidemiology, Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases, Pharmacoepidemiology, and Environmental & Occupational Epidemiology.
After graduation, students may continue their career in a PhD programme or as an epidemiologist in various settings, such as academia, government or NGO public health organisations, medicine, veterinary medicine or  industry, including pharmaceuticals.
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