Education & Communication

The Master course Education and Communication is a two-year programme that will teach you how to perform an intermediary function between your field of work and society. It consists of 120 ECTS and is taught in Dutch.


The Master course knows two main tracks; the Education track and the Communication track.

  • The Education track focuses on teaching didactic skills, doing internships at schools and developing study materials.
  • The Communication track focuses on the interaction between science and society, communication about science towards society and presentation skills.

Study components

The Education track consists of a research course worth 30 ECTS, three internships focused on teaching worth 30 ECTS in total, a wide variety of courses focused on didactic skills worth 50 ECTS in total and 10 ECTS of elective courses.

The Communication track consists of  a research course worth 30 ECTS, several courses on presenting, communication and design worth 70 ECTS, an external assignment worth 10 ECTS  and 10 ECTS of electives.

Click here for the complete curriculum.


Any Bachelor’s degree in a beta science gives permission to this Master’s course. Because of the wide diversity in the beta sciences, the Admission board will decide which applicants are allowed.
If you’re applying for the Education track, a bachelor’s degree in the same field as the school course you’ll be giving is required. Shortened programmes can be followed to acquire the proper degree allowing you to enter the Master course Education and Communication.

Further information

For more information, please visit the MCs Education and Communication webpage or contact Albert Everaarts or Aletta Westra-Hofstee.