Ecology & Evolution

During this two-year Master’s programme you will gain insight into the living organism in relation to its environment. Ecology is an internationally oriented field and the degree programme has a strong focus on research. You will therefore conduct one or two independent research projects in your field.

The programme consists of 120 ECTS and is taught in English. Research and education is performed by seven diverse and distinct research groups.


Ecology & Evolution knows three main tracks; the Research profile (P-track), the Science Business & Policy profile (M-track) and the Top Programme Evolutionary Biology.

  • The P-track focuses entirely on research to prepare for a career in academia or other research institutes. The study programme therefore mainly consists of research projects, which focus on learning about conducting research by actually doing it.
  • The M-track comprises one year of research and one year aimed at the development of policy and management-related understanding and skills to prepare for a career in a company, consultancy or policy organization.
  • The Top Programme Evolutionary Biology, which can also be followed as an Erasmus Mundus-programme, focuses on advanced practical and theoretical training with its main focus on the interface between ecology and evolution.

Study components

The P-track consists of two research courses of atleast 30 and 40 ECTS respectively, a colloquium of 5 ECTS, an essay of 5 ECTS and the remaining 40 ECTS are electives.

The M-track consists of one research course of 40 ECTS, an internship of 40 ECTS, an introduction course in science, business and policy, a colloquium of 5 ECTS and the remaining 15 ECTS are electives.

The top programme Evolutionary Biology has two research courses of 30 ECTS each, three compulsory courses totaling 30 ECTS, a colloquium worth 6 ECTS, a seminar series assignment worth 2 ECTS, a literature study worth 6 to 18 ECTS and the remaining 12 ECTS (or less, depending on the study load related to the literature study) are optional courses. This programme can also be followed as an Erasmus Mundus programme.

Click here for the complete curriculum.


Admission requirements for the P- and M-track are an university’s Bachelor degree in a Biology including a specialization in Ecology or Marine Biology and sufficient English proficiency (VWO level).

The top programme has the following additive admission requirements:
–          marks that clearly identify the candidate as belonging to the top 10% of their cohort
–          letter of motivation and complete curriculum vitae
–          recommendations by three qualified referees
–          documented proficiency in English.

Further information

For more information, please visit the MCs Ecology and Evolution webpage or the Erasmus Mundus programme webpage or contact Karin Weel.