Molecular Mechanisms of Disease

Understanding the molecular basis of disease

Aspiring to contribute to the development of new therapies for metabolic, infectious and immunological diseases or cancer? Radboud University’s internationally acclaimed Research Master’s programme in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease provides an excellent foundation for a career in academic or commercial research.

Only by dissecting the molecular mechanisms that trigger and advance diseases and dysfunctions can we design effective treatments and medicines. The Research Master’s in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (MMD) offers you an intensive two-year programme that provides you with in-depth knowledge and research experience of disease-related molecular mechanisms. In addition, you will acquire skills such as academic writing and presentation skills and learn how to successfully apply for grants and market yourself.

Passion for molecular biomedical research

As an MMD student you will be part of the unique research community that is found within the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (RIMLS). Like you, RIMLS researchers have a strong passion for research. They will assist you throughout the programme with guidance and expertise, supporting you in acquiring knowledge and developing excellent research skills. The RIMLS is one of the research institutes of the Radboud university medical center, so their research is closely linked to the clinic and thus aimed at translating results into treatments for patients. Examples include the translation of insights into the biology of antigen-presenting cells into new immunological cancer therapies and understanding the mutations underlying blindness into the development of gene therapies for patients with inherited blindness.

Why study Molecular Mechanisms of Disease at Radboud University?

  • You will follow a broad biomedical programme that allows you to specialise in your specific field-of-interest.
  • You will have intense daily contact with established researchers.
  • You will participate in group-oriented education and be part of a small group of highly motivated national and international students.
  • A personal mentor will help you to reflect on your study programme and career perspective.
  • You will do two 6-months research internships one of which will be abroad.
  • There is a 92% pass rate of MMD students within the two years.
  • International MMD students can apply for scholarships from the Radboudumc Study Fund.