Integrating all levels of organisation, from molecules up to ecosystems, to understand the mechanisms that lie underneath environmental adaptation.

Would you like to specialise in fundamental processes involved in the stress response? Or in ecosystem dynamics so that you can contribute to species protection and nature recovery? You could otherwise dive into ecological issues or walk the line between biological and medical sciences. At Radboud University, you can choose from eight specialisations to define your field of interest within Biology.

Within each specialisation, you’ll have plenty of room to customise your programme. A great deal involves internships; the best way to develop your knowledge and skills and to prepare yourself for your future career. You can get trained in research in order to become a PhD candidate, or focus on societal, policy and business issues and solutions.

Why study Biology at Radboud University?

Together, the specialisations within the Master’s in Biology cover the whole range from molecule to organism and ecosystem, which means you have ample choice to define your exact study path.

You’ll have the option to perform a half-year internship abroad and thus get an extensive experience in scientific methods in an international setting.

The courses and internships take place in a stimulating, personal setting.

Radboud University has close ties with the Institute for Water and Wetlands Research (IWWR), a leading institute in wetland ecosystem and stress biology research.

Radboud University has close relationships with water authorities, counties and other related organisations, such as Natuurplaza.

Radboud University just opened a new greenhouse complex and offers students the possibility to work with advanced research equipment and techniques, like electron microscopy, mass spectrometry and next-generation sequencing.