Biology and Education

The Leiden MSc in Biology provides ample opportunities for students interested in molecular biosciences or in evolution, biodiversity and conservation.

The Institute of Biology at Leiden University has top research specialisations in evolutionary and molecular biology, while the Institute of Environmental Sciences specialises in research on conservation and sustainability.
The availability of extensive invaluable biodiversity collections in the National Herbarium of the Netherlands, the famous Hortus botanicus, and the popular National Museum of Natural History Naturalis contribute to an excellent environment for biologists in Leiden. Biology in Leiden is part of the Faculty of Science providing ample opportunities for crossing borders with other science areas. Furthermore, the close proximity of the Bio Science Park with its many companies active in the (bio)medical field and the collaborations with the Leiden University Medical Center enhance the study possibilities enormously.

The Biology and Education specialisation comprises a one-year biology research component and a one-year education component. It combines research training in biology (taught in English) with a second year training in education (taught in Dutch). Successful completion of this programme leads to the so-called ‘eerstegraads lesbevoegdheid’ (the Dutch High School Teaching Certificate).

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