Animals Sciences and Health

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Animals Sciences and Health

General information about the master’s program:

• Animal Biology and Disease Models
• 120 ECTS
• English
• The Master specialisation Animals Sciences and Health offers a research-oriented education in animal biology with a strong focus on the generation of fundamental scientific knowledge that can lead to the improvement of human health. Important aspects of animal development and the interaction of animals with the environment can be studied at different often integrated levels ranging from the molecular, genetic and cellular levels to the organismal and population levels.
• What makes this program unique? The topics in this program will be on the molecular and cellular level, but also organismal and population level. One part of the program is a research project. This project can be chosen from a large variety of topics and research questions can be tackled with a multidisciplinary approach.


• There are some compulsory elements, but also elective elements. These include specializations from other Biology Masters, but also other elements can be chosen, such as for instance a PhD Orientation course. The mandatory components in the 1st semester aim to provide students with the theoretical and practical background needed for an efficient start of the Research Project at the end of this semester

Study components

• For a description of the full programme, please click here.
• The master consists of a theoretical part (30-60 ECTS) and one or more research projects (60-90 ECTS).


Entry requirements
• A BSc degree in Biology from Leiden University. Students holding such degree will be admitted to the programme.
For all other candidates, such as:
• BSc graduates from other universities
• graduates with a Bachelor of Science in other natural sciences, life sciences, mathematics or biomedical sciences
• applicants with a higher professional education (HBO) degree in a related field of science, or with a diploma in Higher Laboratory Education (HLO)

The Board of Admissions will assess the equivalence of the previous training to the Dutch Bachelor of Science in Biology, which may result in additional coursework. The range of optional courses in the MSc programme may be limited by the requirement to adapt the programme to the current knowledge of the candidate. For more information, please contact the study adviser.
• Proof of sufficient proficiency in English: IELTS test level of at least 6.5 or TOEFL score of at least 570/230, evidenced by appropriate test.
This requirement does not apply if you have:
• completed your education in Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, New Zealand or Australia, or
• an International Baccalaureate, or
• a Dutch bachelor’s diploma

Registration deadlines are:
• 31 August for start in September
• 31 January for start in February

Further information

For more information about the master click here.

Coordinator of the master: Dr. A.H. Meijer, email: a.h.meijer [at]