Masterday 2018

On friday January 19th of 2018 the national masterday for life sciences will take place, organised by the LOBS (Landelijk Overleg BiologieStudenten) in collaboration with the NIBI (Nederlands Instituut voor Biologie).

The masterday is the occasion for bachelor students of biology or biomedical sciences to get an impression of the master educational programs available in the Netherlands. During the masterday you will be able to find biology related master educational programs from all over the Netherlands gathered within the Marinus Ruppertgebouw in Utrecht between 15:00 and 18:00.

This day is not solely for third year bachelor students to inform themselves regarding the educational programs within biology, it is also a great opportunity for second year bachelor students to start informing themselves about the available master programs in the Netherlands. The attending masters will be announced soon.

The variety of educational programs is large and with that also possibilities that a biology student has within the Netherlands. The LOBS masterday offers an extensive information market to gain oversight of all the possibilities within as well as outside of your own university.

Besides informing yourself regarding educational programs you can also attend one of several lectures of a.o. the NIBI. Or if you would rather stay active? You can join one of the workshops that will help you in the process of choosing your master program.

The masterday, lectures and workshops are all free to visit!


You can sign in for the masterday through the following form.